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Applied Lightning Safety Group specializes in comprehensive lightning protection for luxury estates. Often the most prominent feature of the landscape and equipped with state of the art electronics systems, luxury homes are particularly susceptible to potentially disastrous lightning strikes. With twenty years of experience and access to first rate research, Applied Lightning Safety Group engineers, installs, and maintains premier residential lightning protection systems.

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Our approach to lightning protection is comprehensive including a conductive cage inside the exterior walls, a custom designed Electronic Stability Platform, on-sight management of wiring design and layout, and follow-up maintenance. An Applied Lightning system protects your home’s structure, wiring, and occupants from lightning as well as power surges. Committed to maintaining the the highest standards in the industry, we go beyond commercial, military, and government lightning protection standards. Our systems are custom engineered and designed to meet your home’s specific needs and are coordinated with telephone, security, and other contractors ensuring maximum protection of all your home’s wiring and electronic systems.

Applied Lightning Safety Group specializes in luxury estate services and protection. Our experience, partner relationships, and access to research allow us to maintain an unmatched standard of excellence. Lightning is a real danger to luxury homes. For more information on a comprehensive lightning safety system contact our lightning protection company today.