LI Lightning Protection | Suffolk County Estate Services

Owning a luxury estate home in an area with high vulnerability for lightning damage can add some added precautionary construction additions like our lightning protection system. You want your beautiful home to be safe guarded from the potential damages a lightning strike could cause. Manhattan Lightning ProtectionThe potential risk for fire, power surge damage and even shock wave damage is something you want to safeguard against.

At Applied Lightning Safety Group we have your safety as our top priority. We are experienced and professional contractors equipped to install and assist with other contractors to be certain your new estate is protected. Part of providing this safety is a Structural Protection System. A copper cable framework installed within the exterior walls of the structure itself. Air terminals or “lightning rods” are connected to the highest points. This conductive framework allows for the lightning energy to move safely to the base of the structure to be dissipated into the earth with a buried grounding system.

We build these specific systems to NFPA 780. Our standard for installation of this system is a comprehensive engineering standard based on the National Fire Protection Association which also produces the NEC or National Electric Code. A benefit of both standards being intertwined with one another is our Suffolk County lightning surge protection can be engineered to seamlessly integrate with your household electrical engineering.

Choosing Applied Lightning means you will have your job completed by a highly educated, experienced and knowledgeable professional. All materials we use are UL listed for use in Lightning Protection Systems. Our structural protection system will add protection from the potential risk of lightning damage. We have the training, experience and ethical standard that has attributed to our continued success in the industry. Contact one of our experienced professionals to get more information about the installation of your earth grounding Structural Protection System for the protection of your estate home.