You are here because you are interested in protection options for your project with respect to lightning and surge related damage.

Smart Technology Problem:

Due to smart home technology, residential structures now have dramatically increased vulnerabilities to lightning and power surges. The progression of smart technology combined with the internal wiring density of today’s homes has made the types of damage from lightning much more severe than homes of the past.

Although lightning and power surges will degrade or destroy electrical and electronic equipment on a large scale and in some cases cause fires, the major concern is that a localized or direct lightning strike to an unprotected structure, will in almost all cases, burn or compromise electrical and control wiring within the structure and behind walls.

This type of damage can be widespread and create a long-term fire risk. One additional complication is that internal wire damage is almost impossible to find and correct without large scale opening of walls to search for damage. Insurance companies will only replace equipment that has obvious damage. Insurance will not compensate for attempting to locate damaged wiring in the walls, leaving the structure permanently compromised.


Lightning and power surge protection systems that were once used mainly on commercial and industrial electronic facilities are now used to safeguard smart-estate properties. Applied Lightning Safety Group Inc. has for the past 25 years, using our experience with commercial critical facility lightning protection and regularly integrate that technology into smart home structures.

Our Clients

Our clients are owners, builders, and architects, and AV contractors, building important high-value smart structures located often in exposed locations. These properties generally tend to be long term investments, or are planned to remain within families for generations.