Long Island Protection Lightning

Structural Protection

Structural protection is understanding how to create a web of protection over the entire structure; and at the same time managing how intercepted lightning is managed and controlled. Providing true structural protection means engineering a system to meet the needs of the environment.

Electronic Protection East Hamptons

Enhanced Engineered Layout of Electrical & Electronic Wiring

IEC 62305-4 is an International Lightning Protection Engineering Standard. This engineering is used to safely integrate critical electronic systems within lightning-proof structures. This important safety standard will be used to guide the integration of wiring and electronic systems into your home.

Head Of The Harbor Electronic Protection

Electronic Stability Platform

Your home’s electrical and electronics systems provide a path for lightning to enter the home, and once compromised it is extremely difficult to discover and repair all the damage that can be caused by a single lightning strike. Often in addition to the obvious damage, there is hidden and intermittent damage that can take months or years to find.

Based on technology developed for the US military, Applied Lightning Safety Group can build a customized Electronic-Stability- Platform. These custom systems take into account the requirements of your home’s infrastructure and build a protection system to handle your specific needs.


Lightning Protection Suffolk County


In addition to follow-up system maintenance, to assure proper functions of the system's post construction, Applied Lightning can add protection to electronic equipment added years after the project completion.

Customers have the option of having Applied Lightning become a long-term Hamptons electronic protection consultant for all estate electronics systems in the Hamptons, Long Island, and surrounding areas!