LI Electrical Protection Service | Brookville Lightning Proof

Did you know your home’s electronic and electrical systems provide a pathway for a lightning bolt to enter your home? That doesn’t make you feel very safe and sound does it? The fact is, most people don’t realize just how powerful lightning is, or the many ways it can get in your home. Applied Lightning Safety Group are specialist when it comes to protecting homes and buildings from the damage that can be caused by lightning. Head of the Harbor Lightning FireWe offer a suite of lightning protection services that cover all your bases.

First, Applied Lightning Safety Group offers structural protection against a lightning strike. It protects your entire structure, and also manages how the lightning is controlled and collected. We engineer an entire system based on the specific needs of your environment. We also handle enhanced engineered layout of electrical and electronic wiring. This safely integrates critical systems within structures and is an important safety standard.

Our lightning protection experts at Applied Lightning Safety Group also builds Electronic Stability Platforms to protect your home’s infrastructure. The technology was originally developed for the US Military. We also offer maintenance on everything we install, so you are assured your system is functioning properly and also so you can add on to your system in the future. Applied Lightning wants to be your long-term electronic protection consultant. Contact the lightning protection system experts today to properly protect your home and family from lightning strikes.