Our Process

Applied Lightning Safety Group is committed to providing you with the ultimate in lightning safety. We will make the installation and maintenance of your Long Island lightning protection system as easy and convenient as possible; and our professional staff will coordinate their efforts with all the infrastructure contractors involved in your project to ensure the performance of your new system.

Step 1 – Planning

Although a home can be protected after construction, the highest quality systems and most effective projects are started in the planning phase; when Applied Lightning can assist in complete site wire planning.

Step 2 – Construction

Specific lightning protection features can be implemented from the moment you break ground on your project; and at each subsequent phase of the project.

Step 3 – Pre- Electrical Wiring

Before electrical wiring is installed, Applied Lightning can install the main structural system. In addition, we can work with electricians and other specialty wire contractors to assist them in planning, and wire routing, to maximize lightning protection system effectiveness.

Step – 4 Final Construction

In the final stages of construction, a detailed analysis and inventory of structural and underground wire systems is provided. This inventory is then used to update surge requirements.

Step – 5 Maintenance

In addition to follow-up system maintenance, to assure proper functions of the system's post construction, Applied Lightning can add protection to equipment added years after the project completion.


Long Island Customers have the option of having Applied Lightning become a long term electronics systems consultant for all Nassau County electronic protection and systems.