LI iPods and Lightning | Long Island Electronic Protection

Our lightning protection company wants you to be safe when in your home and outside. When there is a lightning storm, the most important thing you can do is find safe shelter that is protected against lightning. Even if you think the lightning might be far away, it is better not to take any chances.

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Contrary to popular belief, walking around with an iPod, headphones, or other small electronic device does not increase your chances of getting struck by lightning. Unless the objects are more than 100 feet above the ground, they likely will not influence where lightning strikes. If you do get struck by lightning and are wearing headphones, it is possible that the headphones could act as a lightning protection system and move some of the lightning through the headphone chords and away from your heart. It may decrease the extent of the injuries, but the lightning would still do damage to your body.

Headphones or no headphones, you don’t want to get struck by lightning. Your home should be a place of shelter from a lightning storm. Lightning protection systems work by diverting lightning strikes safely around your home and into the ground, instead of through your home’s electrical systems. The best time to install a lightning protection system is during the building of your home.

With a lightning protection system from Applied Lightning, you can rest easy in a lightning storm knowing that your home is protected. Our comprehensive lightning protection includes structural fire protection, personal safety protection, household wiring protection, electronic systems protection and automatic gates. We specialize in designing and installing lightning protection systems for estate homes in Long Island and the surrounding area and make maintenance of your lightning protection system as easy as possible. We have been engineering lightning safety systems for over 20 years and are educated in all of the lightning protection standards. Contact our lightning protection company today to find out how to protect your home.