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There are many myths surrounding lightning, but since lightning can be deadly, it is important to know the facts. Our lightning protection company has the facts for you. One myth that has been around for many years is that lightning never strikes in the same place twice, but this is not true. Lightning can strike the same place many times, especially if it is a tall object, like a building by itself.

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If you are outside during a thunderstorm, the only thing you can do to minimize the risk of getting struck by lightning is to seek shelter. If you are playing a game outside, you should stop immediately. Crouching down to make yourself smaller will not protect you from getting struck by lightning, and lying on the ground may increase your chance of getting struck by the current in the ground. Do not seek shelter under a tree, as that will increase your chances of getting struck by lightning. As soon as you hear thunder, do everything you can to find shelter.

You may have heard the myth that the rubber tires on a car protect the people inside the car from getting struck by lightning. While you are likely safe from lightning when you are inside of a car, it is the metal roof of the car that actually protects you, and not the rubber tires. If you are in a vehicle that doesn’t have a metal top, like a convertible or motorcycle, you are not safe from lightning.

Another myth is that metal on the body can attract lightning, and that is not true. Tall objects in isolation attract lightning, so it doesn’t matter if you have a cell phone or jewelry on you if you are trying to seek shelter from a lightning storm. Metal is a conductor of lightning, so if you do find yourself outside during the storm, avoid touching metal objects like railings or fences.

Knowledge about lightning can help you stay safe in a lightning storm. If you are building a home and do not have a lightning protection system, contact Applied Lightning today. We will design and install a lightning protection system to keep your home safe from lightning. Applied Lightning serves Long Island and the surrounding areas.