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A lightning strike can have 100 million volts of power, and can strike your home at any time. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that one in four home fire deaths are caused by fires that start in the bedroom. This is why it is important to have a smoke alarm in each room so that you can hear it go off while you are sleeping, and also to have a home lightning protection system. It is estimated that there is $7 billion in property loss each year in the U.S. from home fires.

sagaponack lightning rod

Lightning can strike and ignite a fire in the home in a few different ways:

  • Through a direct lightning strike
  • Through a current surge in electrical equipment
  • Through the overflow of electrical current
  • Through pinholes from lightning in CSST gas piping
  • Through the discharge between two conductive objects

There are ways you can prevent a fire caused by a lightning strike. A lightning protection system provides a safe pathway for the lightning that goes around your home and discharges it into the ground. A highly conductive cage is built within the exterior walls and roof of the building, with air terminals or lightning rods at the top. To protect the wiring and electronic systems of the building, safe pathways are marked for internal wiring. An Electronic Stability Platform is a custom-engineered system that provides surge protection for wiring that travels outside of the building. A combination of all of these systems protects your home or building from the detrimental effects of a lightning strike.

Applied Lightning specializes in protection for estate homes in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. We have extensive experience, access to world-class researchers in lightning systems, a certified safety integrator program, and have been engineering home lightning safety systems for over 20 years. We go beyond installation and coordinate with other contractors to maximize the performance of the entire system. Protect your home from preventable lightning fires. Call our lightning protection company today.