Long Island Lightning Protection System | LI Estate Services

Let’s add Lightning Protection to the “Smart Home” design model! Often lightning strikes are never considered for electronic protection when construction begins. Designers, builders and code officials are very conscious of providing support when it concerns natural destruction caused from hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and wildfires BUT lightning protection is often neglected.

watermill lightning proof

According to The Lightning Protection Institute, lightning strikes more than 250,000 times each year! Plus, it is estimated that lightning hits the earth over 100 times each second that ticks by. Lightning can strike anywhere and cause devastating damage to any home across the U.S. without bigotry. This means that too many homeowners are at severe risk for damages such as power surges within the home circuitry caused from the intense heat the power of lightning’s electrical charge produces, holes burned into CSST gas piping, exploding brick and roofing materials, and house fires.

Most homeowner’s insurances will cover damages caused from lightning. However, it could cost you damage to your home, loss of your home, damage to belongings and valuables you may never be able to replace. Why get to that point? You can protect your home with our lightning protection system and it will be one of your least expensive investments into your home while giving you protection from the unexpected. Peace of mind is priceless.

We provide a lightning protection system that provides protection to your home by safely intercepting lightning’s dangerous electricity and redirecting it to ground without compromising impact to the structure or your family inside. We make sure the lightning’s electricity is properly confined by a conductive path from the lightning protection system we create to ultimately minimize or eliminate damage. By providing a path with low resistance we are restricting the lightning by preventing it from fighting through non-conductive building materials such as wood, brick, or rubber. This aids in the prevention of fires and even explosions that can be caused by lightning strikes.

With the “Smart Home” model, many designers, builders and code officials are focused on making the home safe and comfortable while placing power into the homeowner’s hands with the advancing technology these days. Leaving out lightning protection could mean damage to the home automation systems that were set in place to protect the home to begin with. Each lightning strike can include over 100 million volts of electricity. A strike such as this would deem even the smartest home temporarily if not permanently lacking the smarts.

Contact our lightning protection company today to inquire how we can provide you with an affordable lightning protection system for your home. Why not make your home a little smarter and provide a safe and sustainable addition to protect your smart home from an unexpected lightning strike?