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Applied Lightning would like to introduce you to our “Certified Safety Integrator Program“. A contractor who receives this certification has been carefully chosen by Applied Lightning Safety Group Inc. as a trusted professional who has received training in “Engineering in a Lightning Safe Environment”.

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Applied Lightning Safety Group provides lightning protection systems for sophisticated estate properties. Installation of lightning protection requires a complex integration of different disciplines and coordination of a wide range of contractors, including architects, engineers, electricians, audio system experts, home automation contractors, phone systems, and security system installers. An improper installation can cause widespread failures if a lightning strike were to occur, therefore you should consider experts like Applied Lightning Safety Group if planning for lightning strike protection.

The Certified Safety Integrator Program recognizes those contractors who go above and beyond the norm when installing equipment connected to a lightning safety system. Advanced lightning safety equipment not only requires careful design but it must be installed correctly, both to meet code standards but also to ensure the estate property is protected if and when a strike occurs. Keep in mind that other than the recognition, a contractor earning a Certified Safety Integrator designation receives no additional compensation from you or us. They do it simply for the recognition that they are an expert in their field of installation, and to assure you that they perform their work to the highest standards.

Applied Lightning Safety Group is committed to providing our clients comprehensive and sophisticated lightning protection systems. Today’s estates are complex electrical systems due to increased use of home automation, phone networks, home audio, and computer systems used both for Internet and to control home equipment. Your home is also an expensive investment that can be destroyed by a random lightning strike. You should seriously consider a system installed by Applied Lightning Safety Group to protect your home and family. Please contact our lightning protection company today for a professional evaluation of your estate property.