LI Estate Services | Old Westbury Lightning Surge Protection

A luxury estate home in the prestigious the Hamptons locale showcases sophistication. Often illuminating the beauty of the home on beaches, hilltops or open spaces making these estates highly vulnerable to the damaging effects of lightning. With our electronic protection companies process you can leave the lightning safety to us and enjoy the fruits of your labor without concern.


We make the installation and maintenance of your lightning protection system simple and convenient. Our professional staff will coordinate with all the infrastructure contractors involved in your project to ensure performance of your new system. After construction, a home can be protected but the most effective and highest quality projects begin in the planning phase allowing Applied Lightning to assist in complete site wiring plan. Lightning protection features can be implemented at onset of construction and at each subsequent phase of the project. Prior to electrical wiring installation, Applied Lightning can install the main structural system. We can even work with electricians and other wire contractors to assist them so that your lightning protection system is maximized. In the final stages of construction, a detailed analysis with inventory of structural and underground wire systems will be provided. This will be useful to update surge requirements. Last, we provide maintenance for your system to ensure it is effectively functioning. Post construction, we can add protection to equipment added years later.

We have specialized in the engineering of estate home lightning safety systems for over two decades. Our professionals are educated in all commercial, government and military lightning protection standards. We provide more than the installation of components, we engineer specifically to the needs of your home. Installation of your system is a portion of our service, we coordinate our installation with home automation, telephone, security and other contractors to maximize the complete system performance. We even follow up to make sure the system is maintained over time. We provide extensive experience with estate homes, partner relationships, access to world class researchers in lightning safety, our total systems approach and our focus on integrity. We are proud to be a part of the certified safety Integrator Program and go that extra mile for our clientele.

At Applied Lightning, we provide advanced residential lightning protection systems with the highest safety standards and quality workmanship to ensure we create a safe and technically superior estate home.