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Applied Lightning Safety Group has all of your solutions for long-term lightning protection for your estate. Our goal is to serve you by providing fire and damage protection, ensuring personal safety and providing electronic stability to keep the structure and all of the occupants safe.

CT residential lightning protection

Fire and Damage Protection is an important part of any estate home. To accomplish this, we provide protection of the physical structure and wiring in event of a direct lightning strike. We do this by building a highly conductive cage within the exterior walls to conduct lightning energy safely around the building to the ground, so the building is not affected. Wire protection is provided using advanced IEC engineering techniques and sub-contractor guides.

Personal Safety is at the center of what we do. Our goal is to protect everyone inside the structure who interacts with mechanical systems, electronics or other conductive elements during an electrical storm. One way we do this is by selective use of surge suppression equipment and on-site management of the internal wiring layout and design. When you are in a structure protected by Applied Lightning, you can rest easy knowing we have done everything we can to keep you safe.

Electronic Stability is the third objective of Applied Lightning. We provide a stable foundation for all the electrical and electronic equipment in your building, and protect against damage caused by severe lightning events. We use proven methods to protect equipment and infrastructure trusted by Telecom, Aerospace, and other data dependent industries.

Our lightning protection company specialized in luxury estate home protection services. As part of our work, we engineer systems designed specifically for your home. With over two decades of experience and education in commercial, government, and military lightning protection standards, you can trust your estate home and the safety of your family with us. Contact us to today for details on how to protect your estate home.