Certified Safety Integration Program

Long Island Protection Lightning

Recognition of Excellence And Safety

A contractor who displays this emblem has been carefully selected by Applied Lightning Safety Group Inc., to receive specialized training in the requirements for "Engineering In A Lightning Safe Environment".

They have the training, experience, and ethical commitment required to properly integrate their field of expertise into an estate home that has been outfitted with a comprehensive lightning protection system. This attention to safety is no small task. It often comes with little reward, except the knowledge that they did the right thing for their client.

The successful application of a comprehensive Long Island lightning protection system into a modern luxury estate home is very important work and requires a team effort. Architects, Project Managers, Electricians, Audio, Home Automation, Phone, and Security Contractors all play a part.

Applied Lightning Safety Group Inc. provides lightning protection services for the most sophisticated estate properties. The management and the tradesmen on these projects are professional and at the top of their field. However, the contractors and tradesmen that are "Certified Safety Integrators" are recognized to consistently go the extra mile to ensure that advanced Lightning Safety Standards and High-Quality Workmanship are combined to create a safe and technically superior estate home.