About Us

Today's luxury estate homes are sophisticated structures that are often one of the most prominent features in the Long Island and Hamptons landscape. They are on beaches, hilltops, or open spaces; making them highly vulnerable to lightning. This situation is only complicated by the numerous electrical and electronic systems found in these structures and the surrounding grounds.

Applied Lightning Safety Group specializes in luxury Nassau County estate services and home protection. We have been engineering estate home lightning safety systems for over two decades. We are educated in all commercial, government, and military lightning protection standards and consider them a minimum performance standard.

We do more than just install components - we engineer systems specifically to your home's need. However, proper installation is only half the story. We coordinate our efforts with home automation, telephone, security and other contractors to maximize system performance. In addition, we follow up to make sure the integrity of the systems are maintained over time.

Applied Lightning Safety Group has set a standard of excellence yet to be matched in the industry:

  • Extensive experience with estate homes
  • Partner relationships
  • Access to world class researchers in lightning safety
  • Total systems approach
  • Focus on maintaining integrity of estate infrastructure
  • Certified Safety Integrator Program

For more information on our luxury estate services contact Suffolk County lightning protection today!