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Welcome To Applied Lightning!

Today’s luxury estate homes are sophisticated structures that are often one of the most prominent features in the local Long Island landscapes. They are on beaches, hilltops, or open spaces; making them highly vulnerable to lightning.

This situation is only complicated by the numerous electrical and electronic systems found in these structures and the surrounding Suffolk County grounds. Applied Lightning Safety Group specializes in luxury Hamptons Island Estate Service and protection. For more information please contact Applied Lightning today!

Our Mission

Applied Lightning Safety Group is committed to providing you with the ultimate in lightning safety. We will make the installation and maintenance of your Long Island lightning protection system as easy and convenient as possible; and our professional staff will coordinate their efforts with all the infrastructure contractors involved in your project to ensure the performance of your new system.

Our Objectives


Fire Protection

Provides protection of the physical structure and wiring in the event of a direct lightning strike. This is accomplished by building a highly conductive cage within the exterior walls and roof of the building that will conduct lightning energy safely around the structure to ground. Advanced IEC engineering techniques and sub-contractor guidance provides wire protection that enhances personal Suffolk County lightning fire safety.


Personal Safety

Provides LI lightning protection of the occupants within the structure who may be physically interacting with mechanical systems, electronics or other conductive elements of the structure during an electrical storm. This is accomplished by selective use of surge suppression equipment and on-site management of the internal wiring layout, and design.


Electronic Stability

Provides a stable foundation for all electrical and electronic equipment from everyday damaging electrical disturbances, as well as protection against catastrophic damage caused by even the most severe lightning event. The protocol used in the development of this platform is a proven method used to protect critical equipment and infrastructure by the Telecom, Aerospace and all other electronic control or data dependent industries.


Enhanced Engineered Layout of Electrical & Electronic Wiring

This engineering is used to safely integrate critical electronic systems within lightning-proof structures.


A Structural Protection System is a copper cable framework installed within the exterior walls of the structure. Learn how this can protect your home.

Electronic Stability Platform

Its main purpose is to provide a safe power and surge protection foundation for electronic systems connected to wiring that travel outside the structure.


To assure proper functions of the system’s post-construction, Applied Lightning can add protection to electronic equipment after the project is completed.

Our Process

Step 1 - Planning

Although a home can be protected after construction, the highest quality systems and most effective projects are started in the planning phase; when Applied Lightning can assist in complete site wire planning.

Step 2 - Construction

Specific lightning protection features can be implemented from the moment you break ground on your project; and at each subsequent phase of the project.

Step 3 - Pre- Electrical Wiring

Before electrical wiring is installed, Applied Lightning can install the main structural system. In addition, we can work with electricians and other specialty wire contractors to assist them in planning, and wire routing, to maximize lightning protection system effectiveness.

Step 4 - Final Construction

In the final stages of construction, a detailed analysis and inventory of structural and underground wire systems is provided. This inventory is then used to update surge requirements.

Step 5 - Maintenance

In addition to follow-up system maintenance, to assure proper functions of the system's post-construction, Applied Lightning can add protection to equipment added years after the project completion.

Certified Safety Integrator Program

Recognition of Excellence And Safety

A contractor who displays this emblem has been carefully selected by Applied Lightning Safety Group Inc., to receive specialized training in the requirements for “Engineering In A Lightning Safe Environment“.

They have the training, experience, and ethical commitment required to properly integrate their field of expertise into an estate home that has been outfitted with a comprehensive lightning protection system.




Why Residential?

Due to smart home technology, residential structures now have dramatically increased vulnerabilities to lightning and power surges. The progression of smart technology combined with the internal wiring density of today’s homes has made the types of damage from lightning much more severe than homes of the past.


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