Smithtown Lightning Fire

Fire and Damage Protection

Provides protection of the physical structure and wiring in the event of a direct lightning strike. This is accomplished by building a highly conductive cage within the exterior walls and roof of the building that will conduct lightning energy safely around the structure to ground. Advanced IEC engineering techniques and sub-contractor guidance provides wire protection that enhances personal Suffolk County lightning fire safety.

Long Island Lightning Protection System

Personal Safety

Provides LI lightning protection of the occupants within the structure who may be physically interacting with mechanical systems, electronics or other conductive elements of the structure during an electrical storm. This is accomplished by selective use of surge suppression equipment and on-site management of the internal wiring layout, and design.

Head of the Harbor Electronic Protection

Electronic Stability

Provides a stable foundation for all electrical and electronic equipment from everyday damaging electrical disturbances, as well as protection against catastrophic damage caused by even the most severe lightning event. The protocol used in the development of this platform is a proven method used to protect critical equipment and infrastructure by the Telecom, Aerospace and all other electronic control or data dependent industries.

You have the option of having Applied Lightning, your local LI Estate Service become a long-term lightning protection consultant for all estate electronics systems in the Muttontown, Old Westbury, and Brookville, New York surrounding area!

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