Rules for Electronic Systems

General Rules for the installation of Electrical and Electronic Systems located within a structure to be protected from lightning damage

  1. Electrical and electronic systems should be located in one area of the residence. This area should be as low as possible, the basement is preferred, near the main electrical and utility entrance point. The attic is the worst location.
  2. A sub panel should be provided exclusively for electronic equipment within the building. This sub panel should be located near the AV and electronic room. All tv’s and other AV, control and computer equipment throughout this building should be powered from this sub panel only.
  3. Low voltage control exterior conduit entry points should be concentrated to 1 or 2 areas of the building – 1 area for all is the best, near main utility entrance.
  4. Keep all wiring and electronic equipment away from roof or upper attic areas.

Lightning Protection Recommended Electrical Modification Procedure

1. Job meeting with all electrical and low voltage contractors to discuss:

A) All main electrical equipment locations:/p>
  • IE/Main electric distribution equipment
  • Sub panels
  • Lighting control panels
  • AV room location
  • Alarm panel locations
  • Telco equipment
  • Computer network locations

B) Planned exterior wiring conduit entry locations for all landscape wiring and control wires for outbuilding camera systems and gate controls, pool house controls, etc.

2. ALSG will provide recommendations to revise planned equipment locations.

The purpose of these discussions is to give us a general understanding of the building’s internal systems layout, to determine if there are any conflicts due to the location of equipment within the structure, with respect to providing structural and surge protection to these systems.

Recommendations will be made so modifications can be incorporated into the systems layout. This will increase the effectiveness of the lightning protection system while controlling the cost of surge equipment.

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